Thursday, July 31, 2008

NASIG Annual Conference: Call for Proposals

NASIG 24th Annual Conference: Riding the Rapids Through a Mountain of Change
Asheville, North Carolina, June 4-7, 2009

The 2009 Program Planning Committee (PPC) invites proposals and/or program ideas for pre-conference, vision, strategy, and tactics sessions. The Program Planners are specifically interested in hearing from publishers, vendors, librarians, and others in the field of serials and electronic resources about issues relating to scholarly communication, licensing, and publishing. Proposals based on both descriptive and experimental research findings are especially welcome.

The Program Planning Committee will review all submitted proposals for their content, timeliness, and reserves the right to combine, blend, or refocus proposals to maximize their relevance and to avoid duplication.

This Call for Proposals will close on September 5, 2008. Presentations must be original and not previously presented at other conferences. The Programming Planning Committee hopes to notify applicants by the end of the calendar year, but no earlier than December 1, 2008, as to the status of proposals.

Inquiries may be sent to the PPC co-chairs, Erika Ripley and Morag Boyd at: For additional details and to suggest a proposal or idea, click here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Evaluating and Improving the Presentation of Serials Information in the Online Catalog" by Lori J. Terrill


Many factors should be considered when evaluating how serial publications are presented in online library catalogs. Both patrons and library employees utilize the catalog to locate serial titles and then must be able to determine which formats are available, as well as which issues are available in each format. Consideration of both the recording and display of serials data should be part of a thorough evaluation. This paper presents an outline for an evaluation focusing on meeting user needs. It also provides advice based on the experience of undertaking a successful project at the University of Wyoming Libraries.

This article can be found in Library Resources & Technical Services, vol. 52, issue 3 (July 2008), pages 192-204.