Friday, August 6, 2010

CONSER At-Large Meeting Summary from June 27, 2010, Available

A summary of the CONSER At-Large Meeting held at the ALA Annual Conference on June 27, 2010, is now available on the CONSER website.  Topics covered include:
  • Open Access Journal Project
  • OCLC's CONSER database scan
  • CONSER documentation and training
  • RDA testing
  • ISSN update

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Serials Librarian Announces New Editors

The following announcement was posted on SERIALST:

Dear All,

Early this summer marked the retirement of Jim Cole, both from librarianship at Iowa State University and from his editorship of the peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor and Francis, The Serials Librarian.

Now co-editing SL are Louise Cole of the University of Kingston in London (no relation to Jim!) and Andrew Shroyer of California State University at Los Angeles.

We welcome submissions of new content for SL, and any thoughts you may have about the nature of the journal or directions for the future!

Please forward any articles you have authored for SL (as well as your thoughts) to our shared email address:

This is a time of exciting developments and milestones in the evolution of journals and serials. The continuing transition to electronic forms, the devising of big package deals for providing serial publication content, the struggle to adapt the library organization to the demands of e-resources, the advent of open access journals and the testing of RDA, for instance, are all both unsettling and exhilarating processes for serials librarians. We want to ensure that The Serials Librarian provides its readership with relevant readings, knowledge of breakthroughs, good practical pointers and a forum for healthy debate of all the issues.

This is a first effort at serving as a journal editor for each of us. Thank you for your support as we manage this transition.

--Andrew and Louise