Friday, April 3, 2009

"A Snapshot of Early Acceptance of the CONSER Standard Record in Local Catalogs" by Lori J. Terrill

A new issue of the Serials Review is now online. This article contains the first published research that I'm aware of on the CONSER Standard Record. Here's the abstract:

In an effort to enhance the usefulness of serial bibliographic records, while also increasing the cost-effectiveness of record creation and maintenance, CONSER adopted new cataloging guidelines in 2007. Commonly referred to as the “CONSER Standard Record,” the new cataloging standard was developed to support the user tasks of finding, identifying, selecting, and obtaining resources. This study looks at initial acceptance of the new standard by catalogers by measuring the types of edits made to these records in the copy cataloging process. Results indicate that libraries accept most of the changes made to the mandatory elements in the CONSER Standard Record, as compared to former full-level cataloging standards, and do not suggest the need for significant revision of the standard.

The article can be found in the Serials Review, vol. 35, issue 1 (March 2009), pages 16-27.

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