Monday, August 24, 2009

2010 NASIG Conference - Call for Proposals and Ideas

NASIG 25th Annual Conference
An Oasis in Shifting Sands: NASIG at 25
June 3-6, 2010
Palm Springs, California

The 2010 Program Planning Committee (PPC) invites proposals and/or program ideas for pre-conference, vision, strategy, and tactics sessions. The Program Planners are interested in hearing from publishers, vendors, librarians, and others in the field of serials and electronic resources about issues relating to scholarly communication, publishing, licensing, and cataloging.

This Call for Proposals will close on September 25, 2009. Inquiries may be sent to the PPC co-chairs, Morag Boyd and Anne Mitchell at:

To propose a program or idea, please use the online form.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • The Program Planning Committee will review all submitted proposals for their content and timeliness.
  • PPC will treat all submissions as suggestions and guideposts. PPC may work with potential presenters to blend or refocus proposals to maximize their relevance to attendees and avoid duplication.
  • Proposals should name any particular products or services that will be the focus of a presentations, but keep in mind that programs should not promote a specific institution, product, or service.
  • Proposals based on descriptive and experimental research findings are encouraged.
  • Time management issues generally limit each session to two speakers. Panels of four (4) or more speakers must be discussed in advance with the PPC (
  • Proposals may be suggested as one type of session and/or format and ultimately be accepted as any one of the other types of sessions or formats; this decision is the purview of the Program Planning Committee.
  • Vision and Strategy speakers presenting original content are required to produce a written paper for the conference proceedings.
  • NASIG has a reimbursement policy for conference speakers whose organizations do not cover expenses. Details about reimbursement are available on the NASIG website.
  • The Program Planning Committee hopes to notify applicants of the status of their proposals in December 2009.

We look forward to seeing you in Palm Springs!
- Morag Boyd and Anne Mitchell, NASIG PPC Co-Chairs

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